1)  What are the dates for the 2018 event at the New Hampshire Motor Speedway? The Dates are Saturday October 20th and Sunday October 21th at NHMS.

2)  Where do teams ENTER? All teams please enter using the MAIN GATE ENTRANCE. What is the physical address?  New Hampshire Motor Speedway – 1122 Route 106 North – Loudon, NH 03307

3)  What is the elevation at NHMS?  371 ft above sea level – Note: This is not mountain top shooting in thin air. These conditions emulate similar conditions found at the event in Delaware. It is not flat farm land either, it has a rise in elevation and a couple of tree stands to shoot over.

4) How early can teams begin setting up their machines? Thursday & Friday prior to the event is recommended for machine set up.

5) When do we have to be completely gone from the property?  Tuesday Night (following the event) by 6pm all machines are to be removed from the field.

6)  Is there camping/hotels for Teams?  Yes there is camping it can be booked through NHMS– visit www.nhms.com for more info. Open fires permitted? Yes – please follow NH fire marshal Guidelines. No fire wood can be brought in from out of state. Please purchase wood locally. http://www.nhms.com/tickets/camping_policy/ Local Hotels can be found on our website www.extremechunkin.com

7)  Alcohol policy: Through the purchase of a pit pass we are able to provide insurance for all participants and their crews while the competition is being conducted. It is absolutely essential that all insured understand that irresponsible conduct, unsafe activities, and inappropriate use of drugs and alcohol may cause that insurance to be invalid, and jeopardize future Extreme Chunkin'® events.  Alcohol Outside the pits - (including camping/tailgating) please follow NHMS rules on alcohol. Vendors will be selling adult beverages – yes BYOB is permissible for teams in tailgating areas (enjoy refreshments responsibly). Rules on Alcohol inside the pits – per insurance regulations alcohol is prohibited during the set up and tear down of your machine. It is also prohibited until your teams last shot of each day has been completed. Safe and sober operation of all machines is required at this event at all times.

8) How many official shots does each team get?  3 shots. Practice shots available if time permits Friday afternoon.

9) Where do we buy advanced tickets? – Ticketmaster. Please check out our "Ticket link" for more info.

10)  So what’s the field like?  The field has over 5500ft for distance – elevation varies slightly. It is not a clear line of sight. Gravel base – excellent drainage. It is open gravel fields. It is not a flat farm field. Yes, you can dig a small hole if needed for your machine. Please fill it in when the event is over. Please tell NHMS where you intend to dig just to make sure no underground utilities exist.

11)  As a team, can I bring a four wheeler? Or Golf cart?  You can bring or rent a golf cart – side by sides are allowed. No three or four wheelers, dirt bikes, motorcycles, mini bikes are allowed. Speed limit 10 mph – must register vehicle with event staff. If you bring a off road vehicle, golf, cart etc.. You must provide insurance for any golf carts or side by sides you bring.

12)  Can I bring pets?  No Pets (only service animals allowed – please notify event staff).

13)  What rules apply?  See our "Rules Link" for more info. 

14)  Any awards?  Yes – Trophy’s – no cash! Lots of bragging rights.

15)  Where do I enter?  Where do I park? Fans enter and park at the South NHMS entrance – it is clearly marked.

16)  What do tickets cost?  $10 (online) $15 at the gate per day $20 for the weekend. There are great group rates available - Parking is free.

17)  How do I enter the contest?  Sign up under team registrations – www.extremechunkin.com  registration is limited.

18)  Is there a registration fee?  No fee

19)  Badge cost? How do I get a pit pass?  $35 per person – you must belong to a registered team. Info should be submitted with team captain at time of registration. All team members names must be submitted on one common sheet well ahead of the event. The money collected for badges goes direct to team insurance.

20) Do I need a back stop?  Please bring your portable WCPCA approved backstop if you normally use one (Cats, Trebs, Torsion) as the primary line of defense and the tree line that exists will also act as a backstop – no fans will be allowed behind machines (they will view from a very clear side vantage point).

21)  See official event rules for more detail – www.extremechunk.com .

22)  Will security be provided?  Yes the NHMS and Police will have security in place for this event.

23)  How many vehicles in my pit?  You can have 1 service vehicle if you absolutely need it; you can have a service trailer or pod if you need it. No other parking in the pits.

24)  Are there bathrooms and trash cans and food provided?  Yes indeed there will be – NHMS will be providing all the above.

25)  How are shots measured?  We have a licensed survey crew running the most current Topcon GPS tools.

26)  What type of insurance?  Liability insurance is provided (example – you hit someone with your shot).

Note:  A very strong media presence is expected – please feel free to help educate them on your machine and the contest! Most importantly – have a great time!   All teams registering are asked to submit a team bio to assist the event Emcee.  See you soon!.

We did our best to answer all of your questions, but if you have more please contact us! EXTREMECHUNKIN@gmail.com